Mauro Gullino

Sr Software Engineer | Visual Designer | Multimedia Engineer

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To join quality-driven teams and tackle challenging problems.


I have a diverse technical background in several companies, state agencies and projects including:
  • I'm currently a Sr Software Engineer at Satellogic (Earth observation satellites)
  • Last personal project, 3D printed models of Earth's surface
  • Software Engineering
  • Visual Design
  • UX Research and UX Design
  • In-company trainer

Complete timeline, responsabilities and achievements at LinkedIn


20 years of teaching experience. I am or was in charge of a set of courses covering these topics:

Computer Science

  • Programming 101: Algorithms and software development with C
  • OOP: theory and practice with C++ and C#, Design Patterns
  • Web development: HTTP, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL
  • Arduino, Raspberry and related electronics

Visual Communication

  • UX design: user-centered design, wireframing, prototyping and UX research
  • Visual design and UI
  • Responsive design and adaptative websites
  • Typography: typeface design and typographic composition


  • Master Degree in Software Engineering, UNLP (Maestría)
  • Google UX Design Professional Certificate
  • Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication Design, UCES (Licenciatura)
  • Electronics Technician


  • Computer Vision with Embedded Machine Learning, Edge Impulse, 2021
  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision applications, UNLP, 2020
  • Model-oriented design for Web Applications, UNLP, 2015
  • Typeface Design, Tipitos Argentinos, 2012
  • Interaction Design, IxDA Buenos Aires, 2011
  • Arquitetura da Informaçao, Instituto Faber Ludens (Brasil), 2011


I’ve written one textbook and co-authored another
  • C para Ingeniería Electrónica, 2nd. ed. (2017), ISBN 978-987-42-3601-2
  • Programación Web para programadores (2014), ISBN 978-987-33-4505-0

Research topic

In my master’s degree I’ve worked on defects prediction and software metrics.

This work earned a Best Paper at CIbSE 2020 (Brasil)
Conference presentation recording


Spanish (native)
English (fluent)
Português (A2)
Italiano (A2)

I’ve done some technical translation/revision work in the past.

Personal info

Currently located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I like biking, astronomy, playing the piano and learning new things.

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