Mauro Gullino

Trying to get machines to do the work

Since I was a kid I've been fascinated by mechanisms and automation.

I was lucky to have a computer since primary school. I became a programmer.

Years later I found that I have a natural knack for visual design. I became a designer.

Now I'm this mix of software developer and visual communicator.

UX Design let me reflect on the Human - Computer relationship :)

Hello Visual Communication Software Engineering Venn Diagram showing that the intersection of Visual Communication and Software Engineering is UX Design
  • Master Degree in Software Engineering, UNLP (Mg.)
  • Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication Design, UCES (Lic.)
  • Electronics Technician
Join a quality-driven company and get involved in the development of products that make people's work and lives easier


Since my work history started in 2002 I’ve been involved in several companies, state agencies and projects including:
  • UX Design
  • Programming (mainly web development and some industrial/electronic applications)
  • QA and Testing automation
  • System administration (Linux, Amazon WS, hosting)
  • Consultant in several software factories
  • In-company trainer


University professor with 15 years of teaching experience. I am or was in charge of a set of courses covering these topics:

Visual Communication

  • UX design: user-centered design, wireframing, prototyping and UX research
  • Visual design: interface design
  • Responsive design and adaptative websites
  • Typography: typeface design and typographic composition

Computer Science

  • Programming 101: Algorithms and software development with C
  • OOP: theory and practice with C++ and C#
  • Web development: HTTP, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL
  • Arduino, Raspberry and related electronics


I’ve written one textbook and co-authored another
  • C para Ingeniería Electrónica, 2nd. ed. (2017), ISBN 978-987-42-3601-2
  • Programación Web para programadores (2014), ISBN 978-987-33-4505-0

Research topic

In my master’s degree I’ve worked on bugs prediction and software metrics.


English (fluent)
Português (basic)
Italiano (basic)

I’ve done some technical translation/revision work in the past.

Personal info

Currently located in Buenos Aires.
Been a keyboardist and sound engineer in some bands.
Really like biking.

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